Cram Page

A Cram Page is a very common review activity in which all relevant information written in small print, in a multidirectional, seemingly nonsensical manner. In reality, it uses similar strategies to note taking. However, it is bound to look crammed.

Rationale: Rewriting notes forces the active neural processing and provides an efficient source of review information. Cramming information onto one paper allows students to walk around the days and hours before a test repeating information over and over. Spaced repetition is the key to storage in long term memory.

Instructions: Go over all of your notes on the topics relevant to your upcoming exam. Fold up an 8x14 or 8x11 piece of clean white paper so it fits in your pocket. Unfold it and cram everything you need to know on that paper within the boxes formed by the folds. Use the Cram Page to study by looking it over during times where your mind is unoccupied (ex: in the passenger seat of a car, in a line, walking down the hall).

General guidelines

· Stay efficient
-- Paraphrase as much as possible; only copy important subheadings or titles.
-- Eliminate basic prior knowledge
-- Eliminate useless words
-- Use your Key of Symbols to develop shorthand

· Stay organized
--Nest information

--Be consistent with bulleting and symbol use

· Be robust and complete
--Use sufficient examples and details

· Don’t get caught up with how it looks

Cram Page Rubric
Cram Page Example

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