Advanced Flash Cards

Advanced Flash Cards are flash cards with Illustrations, Mnemonics, and Example Sentences as well as identifications or definitions. They are organized and on a ring; they also have a title card.

Rationale: Vocabulary competence is a necessary step to text comprehension. Visual illustrations, mnemonics, and examples provide more time and thought applied to learning the word, which increases the odds of retention.

Instructions: On 4x6 or larger index cards, make a title card with the Unit, Chapter, and Section. Write the words in the center of the white side. Make a box for the illustration on the upper right of the lined side of the card and draw an illustration that can provoke associations and draw a little illustration. Identify or define the term in the upper left. Then, create a mnemonic, most likely using the keyword strategy (examples of the Keyword strategy can be found here: Finally, write a sentence using the term. After completing all of the cards; punch a hole in the cards and put them on a loose leaf ring.

General Guidelines

· Create a title card
· Put cards on a ring
· Illustrations need to be relevant but not artistic

Advanced Flash Cards Rubric

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