Character Flash Cards

Character Flash Cards are flash cards with the name of the character, their role in the story, an illustration of the character and why the character is important to the story. They are organized and on a ring; they also have a title card.

Rationale: The background of a character is often very important in understanding the actions and behaviors of each character in the proper context. Character Flash Cards are designed to familiarize students with the main characters in the story in order to help students understand the story.

Instructions: On 4x6 or larger index cards, make a title card with the title (of the book) and the date. Write the names of the characters in the center of the white side. Make a box for the illustration on the upper right of the lined side of the card and draw an illustration that can provoke associations and draw a little illustration. Identify or define the role of the character in the upper left. Underneath, describe why the character is important to the story. If you cannot yet describe the importance of the character, leave it blank and fill out the card as you progress through the reading. After completing all of the cards; punch a hole in the cards and put them on a loose leaf ring.

General Guidelines

· Create a title card
· Put cards on a ring
· Illustrations need to be relevant but not artistic; make each drawing distinguishable from each other drawing

Character Flash Cards Rubric


Character Flash Cards Model


Character Flash Cards Example


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