Bullet Summary

A Bullet Summary is a summary done strictly in bullet points.

Rationale: Bullet summaries are designed to condense a lot of information into a series of bullet points. This helps students practice focusing on important details, while eliminating irrelevant details. Grasping the important points from a document is essential for any student to comprehend a variety of subjects.

Information: Write a thorough summary using only bullet points. Include all major points. Be sure to use complete sentences and proper grammar.

General Guidelines:

· Only use bullet points
· Use complete sentences
· Use proper grammar
· Keep in mind the basic elements of a summary. Be sure to include all major points but do not simply paraphrase the entire document. Not every detail is important.


Possible Points

Points Earned

Uses complete sentences

Uses proper grammar
Summary is clear and concise

Only uses bullet points

Includes all major points
Does not include unnecessary detail
Adequately summarizes text




· K-9s are now being used to detect cell phones that are being smuggled into prisons.
· Cell phones in prisons are dangerous because they are used to coordinate attacks and other violent or illegal activities.
· Cell phones are increasingly being used in prisons and smuggled in different ways.
· Smuggling cell phones is also highly profitable in prisons, ensuring that it is going to be a continual problem within prisons.
· Several states have invested in training more dogs to detect both cell phones and drugs.
· The effect of the dogs can already be seen through the increase in the detection of cell phones.

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