A Novel Salesman

The activity “A Novel Salesman” has students sell a product related to the unit covered.

Rationale: Whether it is applying for a job or simply writing an essay, the art of persuasion is an important skill one needs to succeed in life. This activity allows for the student to not only practice the art of persuasion but also demonstrate understanding of the unit.

Instructions: Write and present a three to five minute presentation where you will be selling a product that directly relates to the unit covered.

General Guidelines:

· Apply learned knowledge
· Be creative
· Keep in mind there are various ways to pitch a product, whether it is through a showing of how the product works or through a form of presentation




“The Crucible” Salesman (“Infomercial” styled)

Are you looking for a way to get rid of that pesky neighbor? Have a nemesis that won’t go away? Tired of someone ordering you around? If so, we have the product for you!

It’s called the “witch accusation kit,” which comes with voodoo dolls, sketchy-looking bottles, booklets of witch stories and many more items you will need to get rid of that unwanted person in your life!

The “witch accusation kit” uses a foolproof framing technique to condemn all those nasty people in your life. You simply plant one or two of those items in your enemies’ home, then call the police and the witch accusation kit does the rest! Watch, as the person you framed desperately tries to prove his or her innocence. If they say they don’t know how those items got there, tell the court that they are possessed and have had their memories wiped! If they confess, take one of the booklets of witch stories from the kit, read off a story and watch as their lives are ruined forever! These stories are guaranteed to withstand logic and reason; therefore achieving a guilty verdict every time!
The “witch accusation kit” comes with many features that other products simply cannot offer!

Getting rid of people is difficult; tasks like murder can be messy, bloody, and can be difficult to get away with. However, with the “witch accusation kit” there is no mess and no chance that you will go to jail. If the person you accuse denies being a witch then he or she will be put to death; if the person you accuse confesses to being a witch then he or she is jailed or disgraced forever. It’s literally foolproof!
And since this product was created in and manufactured in Salem, Massachusetts that means this product is made in the USA!

This offer normally retails for 20 dollars but were selling it not for 15 but only 10 dollars! Call within the next 15 minutes we’ll give you fake tears and a book on how to fake hysteria for free. A 10 dollar value, absolutely free! Just call within the next fifteen minutes! Supplies are limited.

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